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UK Pet Food Online Quiz

To create an online quiz for UK Pet Food 


UK Pet Food


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UK Pet Food (previously known as the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association or PFMA) works to advance pet health and well-being with quality nutrition from a sustainable, progressive pet food industry.

It is an association for pet food manufacturers, suppliers, and the wider industry. Its members account for over 90% of the pet food market and it is responsible for feeding the nation’s wide range of pets. 

The Brief

Working closely with UK Pet Food and Dr Thomas Webb, Professor of Psychology at the University of Sheffield, we developed a new tool to help pet owners understand and tackle the challenges they face when feeding their dogs.

We then scripted, filmed and edited a short video to coincide with international dog obesity day. This went out on all of UK Pet Food’s Social Media.

The Quiz

We used UK Pet Food’s new branding and colours. We also had to ensure that the quiz could be shared on social media and the data easily accessible to UK Pet Food.