Video, Filming & Editing

JHP Recruitment  

To storyboard, film and edit an educational video for JHP Recruitment with Remi Onabolu.


JHP Recruitment


Video recording
Video editing
Sound recording 
Music writing

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JHP is the UK’s number one veterinary recruitment agency, built on the trust of veterinary practices and professionals.

Remi Onobolu trained to be a Vet Nurse and is now training to be a Veterinary Surgeon. She is also the co-founder of

The Brief

Remi wanted to tell her story and create a dedicated, educational video where she talks about her journey through school and the barriers she faced whilst trying to enter the veterinary profession. As a partnership, Remi, JHP Recruitment and CDS hope that this video can be used by schools, colleges and career advisors throughout the UK to encourage young people to enter the veterinary industry.