Animation & Infographics

HT-Vista Animation

HT Vista wanted an animation created to show the benefits or their product




Character creation
Video & editing
Music and SFX

HT Vista LTD’s mission is to promote early diagnosis of cancer and save pets’ lives, by empowering clinicians to rule out cancer quickly and confidently.

The Brief

To create a 60-90 second animation giving a simple explanation of how their AI-driven non-invasive screening tool works and how it allows vets & nurses to rule out cancer of dermal & subcutaneous masses in dogs. The brief also specified that we needed to keep the language as ‘universal’ as possible so it can be used globally.

The Animation

After a thorough storyboarding meeting, we got to work creating the characters and settings. Once they were approved we made the animation scenes using a combination of Adobe Animate, Premier Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects! We then added bespoke music and sound effects – to emphasise specific elements of the animation.